We provide a range of products that can be of great use to small business owners who are thinking of starting a home based business or business owners who are thinking of taking their business to the next level.

1. Customised business plans

We can draft a business plan that can guide you in actualising your idea. A a detailed business is a great tool for business planning, marketing and raising start up capital.

2. Business plan templates

If you don’t want us to draft a business plan for you, we provide free and premium business plan templates that you can you to guide you writing down you business plan.

3. Marketing Research

Our strategically focused research team can partner with you to explore brand awareness and perceptions, define key market segments, understand usage and adoption of emerging technologies or services, create or validate messaging around a particular product or service, measure customer satisfaction, test new creative, measure advertising effectiveness or recall, and more.

4. New media guide

We assist traditional business in leverage tool such as Facebook, Twitter blogs to reach new customers and connect with existing customers.

5. Online Marketing

We teach small business owners how to use Google Adword, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads to promote their products and services.