Hassle Free Websites that Will help you sell stuff online

The biggest challenge of any small business, especially those based at home is how to sell stuff. The first solution to this problem is advertising in local dailies. This strategy has been effective over the years but it is becoming less effective today. The emergence of internet has decimated traditional newspapers as more people rely on internet for news and information.

If you run a home based business or just a regular joe interested in flipping any product, the best solutions for selling your stuff is using online websites that let you list the item and sit back and wait for leads.

Here is a collection of websites that will assist you bootstrap your business idea of selling stuff online

1. Places to sell old electronics

a. Ebay

Ebay has been around since the birth of internet. Ebay is synonymous with best deals and that has made it a magnet for people looking to buy second hand items that are still in great working condition.

b. Amazon

Amazon.com is not just about books. They are the biggest ecommerce store in the internet selling all manner of goods. Amazon have a partner program where you can upload your products (second hand and new) and have them displayed for sale. They will handle the payment collection but it is your responsibility to handle storage, shipping and any returns.

3. Place to sell your old phone

The need for disposing old phone as never been greater as phone giants continue to launch new smartphones every year. A good place to sell that old iphone model of yours is Myphoneexchange.

4. Place to sell Furniture

craig list is the place for selling that old furniture you have nowhere to take when you need to move towns or just want to upgrade your diggz. The reason why it is a great for selling large furniture is because the website is hyper local and your able to target people near location and that makes transportation easy.

5. Selling homemade jewellery

If you are artistic person and enjoy making your own jewellery the best place to sell your artworks is etsy.com. The website allows you to set up a shop and showcase your creations. The website is used by millions of jewellery lovers who are on a look out for unique home made products.

6. Sell to your friends using facebook and twitter

Facebook and twitters are another outlets for reaching more buyers. When you post your items on your wall, your friends are likely to share the post which means more people will see your stuff.

7. Online place to sell your car

Car daddy is a convenient site for selling your car if you cant find a dealer who is not interested in trade in for your old car.

8. Place to sell your inventions.

Quirky is the place for inventors to sell there inventions. The way it works is, you submit your invention and the staff of quirky will vote on your idea if it is viable. If your product is selected they will do the product development and do the selling. You will collect royalties and continue doing what your love, inventing!

9. Best place to sell artworks

If you are a designer of posters, logos, book covers, t-shirts etc, there are two places where you can do that and be paid. Cafepress and 99 design cater to designers. You upload your designs on their website and wait for customers to make orders. They will handle payment and shipping.

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