Ideas on Profitable Urban Farming

For those living in cities, urban farming is an exciting home based business idea. Urban farming is a lucrative enterprise, which, with good planning can provide you with an income of up to $100,000 per every acre farmed.

Before you get down to farming here are a number of things you need to consider:

  • General knowledge on Agribusiness – understand the basics of farming as an enterprise
  • Have a strategy – you need to know what, how much and how best to achieve it
  • Choose the crop or type of farming carefully
  • Market – do a market survey to understand what commodities are in high demand

Making profit with urban farming, just like with any other type of industry, you’ve got to be passionate, brave all types of weather and be prepared to work out for longer hours. Whether you have a big residential farm or a fairly small plot of land, you can turn it into profitable farming. According to a recent Census of Agriculture analysis, the farms with the highest production, based on cash value of crops per acre are either found in or around urban areas.

Although farming on small plots such as below one acre can still fetch a livable profit, many urban farmers using this method fail to make much out of it apparently for doing it the wrong way.

One of the best ways of utilizing small plots of below one acre is through a system known as sub-acre scale design. According to proponents of intensive small plot farming known as SPIN – Small Plot Intensive, to succeed in this kind of farming, you’ve got to allocate your land to different areas of production intensity. Ideally, this system requires that you have three different layouts – one area is referred to as the least intensive and set apart for one of the lower value crops per season. The second area is set apart for sequentially growing two crops of higher value per season while the third area is left for a sequence of intensive relays of 3 or more types of high valued crops per bed per season. The idea is meant to have the different zones fetch you various levels of income.

Depending on where you live and the type of urban farming you’d want to engage in, there are a number of options that you can adapt. You can use a backyard farm, a community managed garden plot or even where possible rooftop green houses. You can choose to acquire your own land, rent or even lease, based on the size your farming specialty requires.

If you are able to get a huge chunk of land, you can use it for different specialties of farming, based on the market availability. You can even turn some of your hobbies into profitable opportunities. Some of the areas you can try your hand in include Vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, fruits, herbs, ornamentals, fish, chicken and goat farming among many others.

The good news about urban farming is that there’s ready market as there are so many metropolitan consumers who have ready money, looking for what to spend money on, including farm produce. You can indeed tap this market and make a good profit working at home. Some of the places you can supply your farm produce include restaurants, farmers markets, supermarkets and food stores as well as selling directly at the farm.

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