Home based business opportunities for stay at home moms

While being a stay-at-home mom presents a rare opportunity of taking care of your kids, having time to run your home and so on, you’d also want to earn an income and even contribute to your family finances. Whether you simply feel that you want to bring in some extra income or want to kick start a long awaited entrepreneurial dream, there are a number of inspiring opportunities befitting a stay-at-home or a wannabe mom. Indeed a huge number of US companies operate as home-based businesses and a fair number of the most famous brand names were started by stay-at-home moms.

I’m not trying to suggest that it’s easy to find a good idea for a home based business. I receive a lot of enquiries from stay-at-home and wannabe moms investigating about the most suitable home-based business ideas. The following are some of the most practical work from home business ideas suitable for a stay-at-home mom.

Offer Assistance in Events Planning

Helping people plan events such as weddings, parties or other community based events can be a good point of entry towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. You don’t need a lot of experience to start. You can begin by offering light services such as researching on the best pricing of venues, bookings, making phone calls and so on. You can charge hourly or a fixed amount per project, depending on the type of an event.

Operate a day care Center

If you have some experience and passion about this field, you can apply to be licensed as a day care operator. Some of the requirements to be approved as a day care operator include minimum space per child, provision of meals and the number of children per licensed day care worker and so on. Many parents prefer taking their children to day cares operated in a home environment and if you can do a good job then this can turn out to be a lifelong business opportunity.

Start Your Online Store

You can make an income through selling stuff online. You don’t need a lot of money to begin. There are so many online merchant stores such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy among others and you can even start with clutter of stuff you’d want to rid of your home. Alternatively, you can source some items that are in demand from junk or yard sales or even from charity shops and resell them at a profit.

Make and sell Gift Items

If you are good at some arts and crafts and you can make some items such as gift baskets and you can establish good relationship with your customers, then this could turn out to be a perfect idea for you. You only need to be creative and keen on design and you can begin by selling your products to the local stores.

Start a pet Services Business

If you love animals and you wouldn’t mind offering a service for pay then this could just be another great idea. You can provide pet sitting, grooming, and dog walking among other services.

Write your eBooks and sell online

Writing can be fun, especially if you are an expert on something and passionate about it. Think about a problem you can provide solution for and nail down a book about it. Amazon has one of the best eBooks stores and it’s pretty easy to upload your eBooks there.

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