Top Affiliate Programs for Mommy Bloggers

One of the greatest opportunities for mommy bloggers to earn money is through affiliate marketing. What makes affiliate marketing even a greater idea for mommy bloggers is the fact that it’s trouble-free as one is not required to offer their own product or service. You only need a platform such as your blog or a website to run the campaign for the affiliate programs of your choice and get paid once a sale or a referral is made.

There are numerous affiliate programs out there, all tailored to suit different markets and marketers. If you are a mommy blogger running your blog from home, you definitely want to know the affiliate programs best suited for your lifestyle. As a mommy blogger you also want an affiliate program that offers products in a niche market that you’re already blogging about. Here is a list of top affiliate networks and programs suitable for mommy bloggers operating a home based business.


ShareASale is one of the leading affiliate networks. The Chicago based affiliate network has over 2,500 merchant programs and was rated number 3 out of 20 in the 2012 Blue Book ranking of the best performing affiliate networks in the world. One of the most outstanding things about ShareASale is that they feature some cool niche merchants for moms that you couldn’t find in many other places.

Some of their affiliate programs suited to a home based mommy blogger include:

  • MomAgenda – offering a range of products from day planners, all forms of home organizers, folios and accessories for busy moms at the rate of 10% per sale.
  • gDiapers – for earth friendly diapers at the rate of 10 % per sale or $0.25 per lead.
  • Nannies4hire – a great affiliate program for mommy bloggers offered at ShareASale. This is a nationwide online nanny and family database tailored to connect families to nannies and pays $40 per sale
  • Tiny Prints – for amazing baby announcements and holiday cards paid at the rate of 10% per sale.

Commission Junction

Reputed as the largest affiliate network in North America, commission junction is a global operator with management that knows how to balance relationship between merchants and affiliates. The Californian based organization claims number 2 spot in the 2012 Blue Book of top 20 affiliate networks and has numerous affiliate alternatives for mommy bloggers such as:

  • – one of the largest online tutoring companies offering $5 per lead and 100% of the first sale. One huge advantage of promoting programs that pay per lead is that it’s much easier to make money and this makes a perfect choice.
  • Green and More – another perfect affiliate program for mommy bloggers promoting eco-friendly home appliances. They pay at the rate of 10% per sale and they have a wide selection of green appliances.


Believed to be the largest affiliate network, with at least 10 million affiliate partnerships, Linkshare has some great premium advertisers who are dedicated to their network. Claiming number 1 spot in 2012 top 20 best affiliate networks, LinkShare has amazing affiliate programs such as:

  • Nick Jr. Shop – offering 6 – 10% of every sale and Nick Magazines paying 25% of every sale/
  • HBO Store – for a wide selection of merchandise at the rate of 10% of every sale made.

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