Choosing a Domain Name for a Home Based Business

A good domain name for your home based business website will set you apart from competition by ensuring you get more visitors to your website and your web visitors remember your site and be able share it with friends.

If you want to come up with a great domain name idea for your home based business website I suggest you read the following ideas.

First Impression Count

When someone hears about your domain name for the first time, they should be able to instantly and accurately guess at the type of content that might be found there. What comes to your mind when your read, and

Easy To Spell Domain Name

Domain name represent your business and brand name in your online business. You must select the domain name that easy to spell. You will lose a lot of traffic if the visitors miss-spell your domain name.

Keep It short

Short domain names are easy to remember. Visitors are more likely to share your e-commerce website if they can remember it in a split second.

Include the Keyword

A good example is This name is more compelling than say Brainstorm 5-10 keywords of your product or services and see which you like most.

Dot com or country level domain

The rule of thumbs is you must buy a dot com domain name if your home based business websites targets international market. While the “.com” extension is the most popular, as a defensive measure consider also snapping up other extensions of your domain name.  Secure the .net, .info, .biz .uk, .de and similar extensions.

Learn From is a great online brand but I don’t think it is wise to come up with such a generic brand for your home based business website.  Generic names require investing a lot of money and effort in marketing to educate readers what you sell. If you don’t have the money to do the marketing follow my idea on Including the Keyword. If your business website is backed by a venture capitalist, go for a generic name, they always come up tops in the long run.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Avoid putting the name of a famous brand next to your domain if you are planning to sell a similar product or service. To understand how brands work online, read why facebook trade marked ‘face’

Lastly, a great domain name does not make a great business website. A good business websites consists of a lot of other good things, such as, a good layout, a good customer experience, great look and feel on the website.

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