7 Simple Steps To Choosing a Home Based Business That is Right for You

There are hundreds of home based business ideas for anyone to start but not every idea is right for you. An idea such as a dog sitter might be perfect for a dog lover but it will be repulsive to someone who is allergic to dogs or simply doesn’t like dogs.

Here are 7 simple steps to help you choose the Home Business that is right for you.

Step 1: What is your Passion?

There is no doubt the most successful businesses have been built around the founders passion. Steve Jobs built Apple around his passion for computers and Colonel Sanders built KFC around his passion for cooking.

So the first thing you need to do is look for something that you are passionate about, that you love doing in your spare time, and see if there is a business opportunity there.

So whether it is picking dogs pooh or baking or writing short stories or whatever, your degree of success is likely to be higher if the home business is based on something that you love doing.

I say “Follow your Bliss”

Step 2: How much Free Time can you dedicate to your home business?

Every home based business idea is different in the amount of time it requires to operate. A baby sitting business will require a few hours in the evening but a home gardening business will require full day activity in your back yard garden.

So now you need to decide how much time you will be able to devote to your new business.

Step 3: How Much Money is available to invest in your Home Business?

The crunch of the matter is you will need some cash to make a go of anything, but some types of home based businesses require a lot more money than others. If you have $50,000 in your saving account you have more choices on the ideas you can try out. But for someone will little capital he will have to look at ideas that require little or zero capital. If you have little start up capital, doesn’t despair. Internet has made it easy for people to start businesses with little capital. You can get a free website and free access to forums where your potential customers hung out. Websites such as ebay and amazon allow you to set up an online store free of charge. The only start up capital is the cost of connecting to internet. (If you can’t afford that, use free internet at public libraries).

Step 4: What are your Specific Skills – what are you good at?

The truth is, you can’t set up a book keeping home based business unless you have the necessary CPA certifications. Ask yourself what are my qualifications? Depending on your answer look at home based opportunities that can utilize your personal skills.

Another great question to ask yourself is “What am I good at? If you are great with people and love to meet new people and can chat easily to strangers, then a Network Marketing business may be right for you.

If you are good with words, are a good writer and can put complex ideas into simple terms, of if you are creative and can think outside the box, then you might consider trying freelance writing, online research or blogging.

Step 5: Look at the Options that fit your profile

If you are ultra-shy, you will find it hard to hack it in the world of network marketing or direct sales. There is nothing wrong with being shy and being shy shouldn’t be a handicap to business success. A shy person should find opportunities in areas that require less person to person interaction. Such areas include, book keeping, gardening, freelance writing, graphic design etc.

Step 6: Do your more detailed research.

Once you have identified 2 or 3 business options or ideas that look good for you, then you need to do some more detailed research into those options. Is there a market need for your Product? Is the Franchise Company growing strongly in other parts of the country and does it have good leadership? what is the client base?

Step 7: Take the First Step and Do It

After finding your calling, now do it. Don’t make the cardinal mistake of most dreamers. The spend hours trying to analyze whether the idea will work. The only sure way of knowing whether an idea will work is by testing it. Or in simple words, launching it and see the customer response.

Don’t put of the idea until you are sure. You will never be sure and the longer you put off doing something, putting your dream business idea into action, the less likely you are to actually get it up and running.

Now go out and try that idea you have been sitting on.

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