Selling Insurance From a Home Office

Selling insurance is one of the most popular home based business ideas. An insurance agent /broker working for one of the big insurance companies has the luxury of meeting with prospective and existing clients at well furnished company premises. But as a insurance agent working from home, you will need to go an extra mile to win the trust of your customers.

One way you can overcome the handicap of lacking corporate support is to work on your selling skills. Be very good at your selling skills such that it won’t matter to the client that you work from home.

10 Tips of Selling Insurance for a Home Based Agent

To sell insurance successful, you will requires to master the process of selling. The process starts from identifying a potential client to closing the sale.

1. Researching – The first step is researching on where to find new clients. The best place is to look at data for the latest hiring in your area. Once you have discovered companies that have new employees, you can then try to find specific employees inside the company.

2. Identifying the client- once you have identified a potential prospect e.g. from from your on research, or a lead you’ve bought or someone you know, find out as much about that person. The internet has made it easy to do background checks. People have left crucial background information on Facebook, Linkend, forums and dating sites. This information can tell you a lot about a persons age, marital status, employment and education. Information that you can use to determine the right products to pitch to them.

3. Pay them a visit – Insurance works best when selling face to face rather than making a call or sending an email. If your target has left his/her number somewhere, you can call them and book a meeting. The best place to meet is at the office or their home. If you have some spare cash, offer to discuss things over lunch, dinner or coffee.

4. Rapport – It is important to connect with the clients. If the clients doesn’t instinctively like or trust you, you will be doomed.When you meet for the first time, start with a smile and a firm hand shake. During the discussion take opportunities to speak relevant topical issues (e.g the latest news on insurance industry) this is sure to get strangers to warm up to you.

5. Be clear – You might have introduced yourself when booking an appointment but it is important to re-introduce yourself. Tell your potential client who you are, what you do and what you’re there for.

6. Be specific – Selling is not about just talking but also being a good listener. Ask the ‘WHAT IF’ questions such as “what would happen if you lost your job? This is the only way you can uncover their insurance needs.

7. Get personal – During the discussion ask about their work, holidays, pets, the area they live, the children, the weather etc. This should be done at appropriate times. The objective here is to make them feel at ease and get additional information. During this process, you will hopefully find what is important to them and what they might want to protect or insure.

8. Agreement – Once the clients has seen he has a need, the next step is to get agreement from your potential client that there is a need for insurance protection and that they are prepared to do something about it i.e. buy an insurance policy.

Once you have this agreement, you can then let them know you will come up with 1 or more potential solutions. This is where you sell your cover.

9. Solution – Don’t be greedy and try to force them to take the most expensive cover because that is the one that will give you the largest commission. Present them with all options for example, one with the full level of cover, one with the minimum and one somewhere in the middle. Let them be in-charge.

10. Close – After all the talking you have to get them to commit by signing the documents to authorize payment. Simply ask them for the details you require to pass the stage on to the underwriting company.

Follow this process and you will never regret making the decision to set up a home based general and life insurance business.

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