How To Start Home Based Business With Little or Zero Start Up Capital

I was reading the latest list of top 500 franchise by Businessweek and I noticed the best and most profitable niches had one thing in common; They required large amount of start up capital. These business required investment in personnel, expensive inventories, machinery and equipment.

Given the fact that most of us are not blessed with a trust fund to give us a leg up in life, starting a business usually demands a large investment of capital. Looking at such a list it is easy to despair for lack of low cost opportunities.

Worry not….

Home Based Business Ideas that Require Brain Power Over Money

In order to start and grow a small home based business with the potential for growth, we need to look at new business models that allow us to begin an operation with more brain power than money.

If you are among the many opportunity seekers trying to find a way to build a truly profitable home based business from scratch, your best bet is setting up your business online

The internet allows you to work from home and yet build a corporate-like image with little or no money, and you will not have the need for, physical locations and other expenses that usually choke many a beginner business owner.

Some ideas suited for internet are business idea focused on offering professional services e.g Graphic design, Accountancy, publisher etc. The internet has enable people to sell products without the need of handling payment, warehousing and shipping. Websites like clickbank give you opportunity to sell digital products and make money: Your job is to promote the product and they will store and ship the product to the client.

How you get started with zero start up capital

With internet, you can get a free website from, free email address from Yahoo and Google and even free tools from twitter and facebook to help you find potential customers. If you want to promote products by companies like, Clickbank and Google, they don’t require you to buy expensive inventories. You just register for free and you are ready to go.

The unique set up by these internet giants have enabled new age entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the power of internet, thus enabling you to efficiently run a huge operation all by yourself without the need for employees and other usually heavy expenses associated with the traditional business model.

Since the internet begun, thousands if not millions of entrepreneurs have started their journey in building a home based business online. The start up capital can be as low as $400 or less, and trust me, that small investment can slowly grow into a several thousands of dollars business if you work smart and hard enough.

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