Using Google Adwords to Grow Your Small Home Based Business

Google AdWords is the easiest and cost effective way to get new customers for a small home based business. The majority of people do a Google search to find providers of services and goods. What Google Adword does is connect searchers with local business.

In the old days a small home based business was marketed through Yellow Pages ads because it was what people turned to look for local business. As people have made a shift to internet they are turning to search engines like Google to find local businesses. That is why it is important for every owner of small / large home based business to learn how to use Google Adwords to market their business.

Introduction to Google Adwords for Small Home Based Business Owners

Google Adword is a product from Google. it is a “pay-per-click” advertising service, which means your ad will be displayed only to people searching for your service, and you will pay a “bid” price only if someone clicks on your ad.

Lets say your home based business is about selling Garden Tools. The way Google Adword works is Google displays your ad every time someone is doing a search for “garden tools.” You will pay if someone clicks on the ads. If they don’t click, you don’t pay.

Cost of Google Adwords for Small Home Based Business

How much you pay for that click is based on how much you’re willing to bid against competitors who are also bidding on the search terms a customer is searching for in Google’s search engine. This type of advertising only costs you money when your ad is clicked.

Google Adwords allows you to set your daily budget. If you set to spend $50 a day, they will not charge you extra.

Getting Started With Google Adwords

To use Google Adwords you need to open an Adwords Account. If you have a Gmail Account you can use that account to open an account. Registration is free but to start using the account you will need to deposit at least $10 into the account. This is just an act to show good faith.

Inside Google Adwords you can do a search using the search tool to determine the monthly search volume of your product or services and how much competitors are paying.

Difference Between, Exact, Broad and Phrase Keywords Search

On the left sidebar of your Adword accounts there is a option of Exact, Broad and Phrase Keywords Search. I recommend you tick them all before doing a search because they provide different information.

Exact Match – Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively

Example: an exact search for “pineapple pie” would only give “pineapple pie” and would not include “pineapple pies”, “pie pineapple”, “pineapple cream pie” or “how to make pineapple pie”

Broad Match – Allows your ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations

Example: a broad search for “pineapple pie” would include searches for pineapple pies, pineapple cream pie, how to make pineapple pie, etc. as well as banana peal and pumpkin pie

Phrase Match – Allows your ad to show for searches that match the exact phrase

Example: a phrase match search for “pineapple pie” would include searches for “how to make pineapple pie”, etc. but would not include “pineapple cream pie” or “pineapple pies”

After you are done with Keyword research the next thing is to build a list of keywords phrases that you will target.

Usually the keywords that have the best conversions are “long tail” keywords. This is a term that is used for keyword phrases that are better defined. So if you are selling hammers, you will get better results by targeting “Brown Carpenters Hammer”

How to target customers near you

If you live in California and you are a provider of landscaping services, you don’t want a searcher in Indonesia clicking your Ad. Google lets you target your ads geographically to your country, states or certain cities.

Writing an Ad that Converts

The next thing you need to do is write a good ad. Since the space provided is limited, you will need to be creative. Your ad must be clear and direct. Your goal should be to grab people’s attention and get them to click on your ad.

A good ad should include one of your keywords. Do not include your business name within the ad since people search by product or service.

Try to have a call-to-action in your ad. Something like “Buy two get one free!” . This is a good trick is a good to get searchers to visit your website.

Adwords allows you to create a several ads. These ads will rotate so that the best performing ad is used more often. This helps you find winning ads. Try listing different offers, services or features of your product or service to see what is most in demand. Always continue to test to find the best ad.

The ad is one part of promotion and the next part is your Landing page A.K.A. your website. Your ad might be great but if the people land on a sloppy website, they will leave as fast as they landed. A good landing page delivers on what the ad promises. Make sure the content is clear and convincing and it explains why your product or service is better than your competitor’s. The navigation should be clear so that the visitor can be able to contact you and buy your product.

I hope you have learnt how to use Google Adwords to Grow Your Small Home Based Business.

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